PX-200 RFID Time Recorder : with Thermal Printer , No PC Required

RFID Time Recorder

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  • Efficient Thermal Printer eliminates ribbon and costly paper time card.
  • Stands alone, no need to connect to a PC.
  • Easy to read large backlit LCD (graphic display) is good for programming
  • 24 sets Music & Signal output.
  • TO outline late in or early out.
  • Company Title display.
  • Simply caluclates working hours, over time and attendance in one function.
  • Flexible rounding rules.
  • Function keys to show the total daily attendance and to collect up record from Midnight work.
  • Card inner code and attendance records are safe guarded from power failure.
  • D.S.T. function.
  • Ideally suited for small company with under 50 employees.
  • Language English/ Traditional Chinese.
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