Time Recorders
Time Recorder

UT-5000 Series

Time Attendance Recorder


Quality of two colors dot-matrix printing.
Time Attendance Recorder with standard 6 columns of IN/OUT time card.
Extra printing speed of 35 times per minute.
Time Attendance Recorder with compact & smart design.
Made in Taiwan.
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UT-5000 Instructions Manual Download (425 KB)
Large DIGITAL clock dial for easy view and setting.
Quartz Crystal accuracy and perpetual calendar to assure correct month adjustment.
Two-color printing shows date and time by dot-matrix 9-pin printer. The extra printing speed of 35 times per minute in average.
Internal lithium battery guarantee data memory reserved within 3 tears, Ni-Cd rechargeable battery maintains printing available during power failure.
Standard IN/OUT 6-column printing can be selected as auto-shift or manual.
With selectable Day Line Change Time to meet specific schedule.
Auto delivery time card IN/OUT within card slot.
Auto detecting right side of time card programming.
Function of Monthly or weekly wage can be changed at option.
Music meody and external bell alarm connection equipped.
Each day of the week can be programmed independently within a week.
24 sets of color / music / column for max. flexibility to various work schedules.
Compact, smart design suitable for office & factory use.
Power Rating: 110V-120V~ (or 220-240V~)
Printing Speed: 35times per minute (maxim)
Dimensions: D 11 x W 18 x H 22cm
Net Weight: 2.2kgs (UT5600)
Ambient: -10°C ~ 40°C
Condition: 10% ~ 80%, RH

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Two Colors  
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