Electronic Check Writers
Check writer


Electronic Check writer


Electronic Checkwriter can be accessible to virtually every one.
Setting display / easy for use.
Electronic Checkwriter with stable performance and simple peration.
Accommodates almost any check, simply insert check to print.
Position for typing on the check can be adjusted, setting display to secure accuracy without and over stamping.
Special ink to prevent the checks from being tampered.
Electronic Checkwriter with 10 digits display with LCD screen for clearness.
Can be used as calculator and the outcome of calculation can be printed out immediately.
Electronic Checkwriter with memory storage function.
Multi-Currencies function.(Optional)
Made in Taiwan.

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Printing Method : Printing wheel
Weight : 1.38 Kgs(N.W.)
Dimension : 112(H) X 113(W) X 233(D) mm
Power rating : 110-230V ~ 50/60 HZ
Display :10 Digits LCD