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TS-350 series

Time Stamp


Time Stamp or numbering machine can be used to support time and attendance, job costing, and document control and is designed for a professional office environment.
Slectable printing order up to 30 sets for choice.
Time Stamp can be customizable printing order; 3 separate lines maximum for setting.
Time Stamp with build-In Buzzer & Output Signal function.
Made in Taiwan.

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TS-350 Manual Download (24.2 MB)
Power Rating: 110-120V(refer to the indication on the label of each machine)
Dimension: D16.5 x W15 x H18 cm³
Weight: 2.5Kgs
Ambient: 0°C~40°C
Condition: 10~80% RH
The illuminating LED makes it easier to set the document correctly and operate the printing efficiently.
Easy to read large visible window shows date, time and day of the week.
13 preset comments such as SENT, IN, OUT, PAID, FAXED or VOID.
Languages in English, German, Spanish,French, Italian or Portuguese for print day of the week and month.
Perpetual calendar, automatically adjusts Daylight Saving Time (D.S.T.)
Rechargeable NICD battery pack provides energy for prints during power failures. (Optional)