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Calculating Time Recorder


Calculating Time Recorder are designed with compact size to achieve Hi-End technology as your expectation.
Calculating Time Recorder also provides superior performance and extent of our reliabilities.
Made in Taiwan.
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CM-730 Instructions Manual Download (79 KB)
Perpetual calendar, automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.

2 color printing, highlights tardiness and early departure processing.
Standard 6 column grid with automatic column or manual shift.
Power Rating: 110-120V (or 220-240V) (refer to the indication on the label of each machine)
AMP: 0.22Amp
Dimension: D 10.5 x W 19 x H 22.5cm³
Weight: 2.0Kgs
Ambient: 0°C ~ 40°C
Condition: 10 ~ 80%RH
Standard Time Card: W 86mm x L 189mm